After a few days researching I found out that I would like to make an installation. Because I never made one before, it could be really interesting. I also would like to work around the contrast of sound and silence. Sometimes the lack of sound can be more interesting of provoking than just sound on itself. Good examples of are the installations of Joseph Beuys and Marina Abramovic.



For this assignment I started by researching everything that had to do with audio and/or type.

At first I only found the typical moving typography but finally there were more interesting things as installations, machines, … .

The idea of this piece is to capture full 26 character alphabet using sound and light through light sensors, some electronics and long exposure photography. Four light sensors were directed to the centre of the space between them in the X shape to ensure full area coverage. Small torch was used as the light source for sensors to respond to. While the light source was moved in the area of sensor response, long exposure photography was capturing light streaks in shapes of letters.

Cyborg pencil that is modified to produce sound while using it for its original purpose – drawing/writing.
The secret here is that human body and pencil graphite are great electricity conductors and paired with some simple circuit, piezo sounder and some foil allows the pencil to visualize with sound.

The typeface is produced out of existing font and waveforms. Each character features a waveform cut out from a dubstep artist’s song, whose name begins with that particular letter.